Cultural institutions, public institutes, and funds


Institute for Tourism and Culture Kranj

Since 2015, the Institute has been carrying out activities in the field of culture. The competences of the institute in the field of culture are the permanent and uninterrupted implementation of the cultural program and the transmission of artistic creativity in the fields of visual, musical, performing arts and other artistic practices in the local, regional, and international space. The institute performs tasks in the field of cultural education and takes care of the implementation, coordination, and promotion of events. The Kranj Institute of Tourism and Culture manages the following facilities: Khislstein Open-Air Theatre, Kavarna Khislstein 12.56, Rovi Pod Starim Kranjem.


The Kranj Institute of Tourism and Culture organizes over 45 events a year, with a total of 100,559 visitors, which means an average of 2,235 visitors per event.



Gorenjska Museum

The heritage models collected, preserved, researched, and presented by the Gorenjska Museum are intended for modern needs and support the creation and maintenance of regional and local identities, as well as inspiration and help in finding solutions to contemporary cultural problems of people in Gorenjska and beyond.


They build their mission based on their main collections: archaeological, ethnological, and folk art collections; older, artistic, cultural, and recent history and modernity; the cabinet of Slovenian photography; and the artistic creativity of Gorenjska and Prešeren.


The museum is focused on constant communication with the environment - the heritage is presented through exhibitions, publications, workshops, study circles, and lectures.



Kranj City Library

The Kranj City Library is a general library operating in the municipalities of Kranj, Cerklje na Gorenjskem, Jezersko, Naklo, Preddvor, and Šenčur. It is intended to meet the needs of the population for education, research, culture, and entertainment, as well as the development and consolidation of literacy. Its general objectives include: providing access to and use of materials and information, learning about the achievements of creating different cultures, providing information of a local nature and active participation in lifelong learning, consolidating reading culture and information literacy, and enabling active and creative leisure. For these purposes, in addition to materials, it also offers residents space and equipment.


Mestna knjižnica Kranj

Kranj City Library, Photo: Mare Mutić


It thus contributes to the general cultural and educational development of individuals and social groups in ​​its operation. At the same time, it also develops the professionalism, organization, connection, and unity of library activity in the wider area of ​​Gorenjska.


The library also performs additional or special tasks of the central regional library for Gorenjska. In accordance with the law, the implementation of these tasks is financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia. It fulfils the tasks of the central regional library in cooperation with other central regional libraries in joint projects and in the Gorenjska region in joint projects with other Gorenjska public libraries.


Prešeren Theatre Kranj

Prešeren's Theatre Kranj is one of the smallest but nevertheless very ambitious Slovenian repertoire theatres, which is recognizable in the Slovenian theatre space for its socially engaged performances of contemporary (domestic and foreign) playwrights.


The ensemble has nine players and nineteen employees in administration and engineering. Theatre members have received numerous awards over the years, including at various theatre festivals at home and abroad.


Every year, the theatre organizes the Week of Slovenian Drama, a festival that presents the best performances created in Slovenia and abroad on the basis of Slovenian drama texts. That is why they perform and support contemporary Slovenian drama with drama workshops. They also pay special attention to quality performances for children and youth.


Prešernovo gledališče Kranj



Small gallery of the Kranj Art Society


Gallery in the Škrlovec tower (Janez Puhar Gallery)


Layer's house


Gallery of Prešeren Award Winners for Fine Arts Kranj

Pavšlar House, Glavni trg 18, 4000 Kranj


Gallery of the Municipality of Kranj

Municipality of Kranj, Slovenski trg 1, 4000 Kranj


Gallery of the Carniolan House

City Hall, Glavni trg 4, 4000 Kranj


Pungert Gallery

Cafe Pungert Gallery, Trubarjev trg 6, 4000 Kranj


Saint Sava Gallery

Svetosavsko kulturno središče, Huje 17, 4000 Kranj


Gallery lobby of Zavarovalnica Triglav

Zavarovalnica Triglav Kranj, Bleiweisova cesta 20, 4000 Kranj


Other public institutions, institutes and funds

Public Fund of the Republic of Slovenia for Cultural Activities, OI Kranj

Glavni trg 7, 4000 Kranj


Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage


Historical Archives of Ljubljana, Gorenjska Unit Kranj