A walk in Kranj

Kranj is an important regional centre and the third largest Slovenian city. The old town centre developed on a picturesque conglomerate pier below Šmarjetna gora (646 m), between the deep, Pleistocene conglomerate riverbeds of the Sava and Kokra rivers, which converge here.


New parts of the city are expanding to the plains of Kranjsko and Sorško Polje. In 1957, 15 previously independent suburban settlements joined the town (Huje, Klanec, Primskovo, Gorenje, Rupa, Struževo, Zlato Polje, Kalvarija, Gorenja Sava, Stražišče, Šmarjetna Gora, Labore, Orehek, Drulovka, and Čirče).


Kranj is located at the crossroads of Ljubljana - Jesenice and Škofja Loka - Jezersko. The Ljubljana - Jesenice railway also runs through it. The city is the economic, employment, trade, traffic, educational, cultural, and sports centre of Gorenjska.


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