Introduction to the Work of the City Administration

The City Administration, within the rights and responsibilities of the City of Kranj (hereinafter referred to as "the city"), performs administrative, professional, promotional, developmental tasks, tasks related to providing public services, and other duties. The City Administration carries out its tasks in accordance with the laws, the Statute of the City of Kranj, and regulations.


In carrying out its tasks, the City Administration collaborates with local communities, city and municipal administrations of other city municipalities and municipalities, public authorities, state bodies, institutions, economic companies, and other organizations through the exchange of opinions, experiences, data, and information, as well as through joint working bodies.


The transparency of the work of the City Administration, in accordance with the Statute of the City of Kranj, is ensured through official communications, providing information to the media, holding press conferences, organizing and participating in round table discussions and other forms of cooperation with representatives of the media or by other means that enable the public to become acquainted with the work of the City Administration.


Official statements, information, explanations, and other data are provided to the media by the mayor, deputy mayor, and the director of the City Administration, in accordance with the statute of the city municipality. The head of an internal organizational unit of the City Administration or another public servant of the City Administration may also provide them, authorized by the mayor.


The organization of the City Administration ensures the lawful, professional, and efficient execution of its tasks, the lawful, professional, and timely realization of the rights, interests, and obligations of participants in procedures and other parties, the efficient organization and management of work in the administration, coordinated implementation of tasks, project tasks, internal control over the performance of tasks, cooperation with other authorities, organizations, and institutions.


The tasks of the City Administration are carried out within the following internal organizational units:


  • Mayor's Office, which includes the Department of Communication and Protocol and the Department of the City Council and Local Communities.
  • Office for Social Activities.
  • Office for Economic Activities and Transport, which includes the Department of Economic Activities and the Department of Transport.
  • Office for Development, Smart Community, and Projects, which includes the Department of Development and Smart Communities and the Department of Projects.
  • Finance and General Affairs Sector, which includes the Department of Finance, the Department of Legal and Personnel Affairs, the Department of General Affairs and Civil Protection and Rescue, and the Department of Joint Procurement and Public Procurement.


Through the Joint Municipal Administration of Gorenjska tasks are also carried out in five working areas for the City of Kranj: municipal inspection supervision, municipal wardens, internal audit, environmental protection, and spatial planning.


The internal organizational units also perform tasks within the area they cover, which fall under state jurisdiction and are delegated to the municipality by the state.


The head of the City Administration is the mayor, who oversees and directs the work of the City Administration. The City Administration is directly led by the director of the City Administration, who is responsible to the mayor for their own work and the work of the City Administration.