Rental of mechanical or electric bicycles

In Kranj and its surroundings, there is a system for renting mechanical and electric bicycles KRsKOLESOM/ It comprises a total of 28 electrified stations, which is the largest system of its kind in Slovenia. It has 75 electric and 95 mechanical bicycles and 320 electric locks. A list of stops is available here.



The KRsKOLESOM system is included in the unified bicycle rental system, which has been established in five Gorenjska municipalities: in addition to the municipality of Kranj, also in the municipalities of Naklo, Radovljica, Tržič, and Jesenice. There are 28 stations in the Gorenjska bicycle rental network in the Municipality of Kranj (KRsKOLESOM), 6 stations in the municipality of Jesenice, 5 stations in the municipality of Radovljica, 3 in the municipality of Tržič, and one station in the municipality of Naklo. A list of stops is available here.


A total of 245 bicycles are available all together, more than half of them with auxiliary electric drive, and they can be rented in each of the above municipalities with a valid monthly or annual package.


New or existing users who want to extend their annual packages will have a 50% discount in 2021 (€ 12.5 for regular bikes and € 25 for e-bikes).


Monthly packages are also available:


Registration in the KRsKOLESOM/ system is possible online at or on the website, at the Kranj Tourist Board (Glavni trg 2, Kranj), or in the premises of the Center for Sustainable Mobility (Cesta talcev 72), on Planina, as well as through the mobile application, which is also available in English.



The mobile application is available in the Play Store, and allows user registration, bicycle rental, user profile review, contains instructions for use, map with KRsKOLESOM stations, and information on how far the nearest station is and how many ordinary or electric bicycles and free locks are in that currently available. The application is certainly one of the easiest ways to register future users of the KRsKOLESOM/ system.


To help users, a call center is available on the telephone number +386 1 530 53 03 and in the premises of the Center for Sustainable Mobility on Planina (Cesta talcev 72) from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm and on Saturdays between 9 am and 1 pm. The call centre is also available on the telephone number: 030 350 708 or via e-mail:


General rules and conditions of use of the KRsKOLESOM/Gorenjska Bike system 

Registration in the system and instructions for use of bicycles


Some (cycling) tips for the trip:

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